ladakh holidays - Stretching around 150km (with the eastern two-thirds in China), this mesmerizing lake plays artist with a surreal palette of vivid blues, which contrasts magically with the surrounding colorful mineral swirls of starkly arid, snow-brushed mountains. The scene is also striking for the almost total lack of habitation along shores whose turquoise waters can look Caribbean. Squawky seagulls fly over the lake against the bald mountains, and the eerie silence makes you contemplative of Ladakh as a whole and its people, warm-hearted despite the wintry bleakness of their surroundings.

A Leh–Pangong jeep safari is a joy in itself, scenically magnificent and constantly varied with serrated peaks, trickling streams, horse meadows, reflective ponds, drifting sands and a 5369m pass.