Ladakh Holidays - To the north-east of Leh lies the Nubra Valley, beyond the formidable Khardung La pass. This was the ancient trade station that linked the North Indian plains with the Central Asian cities of Yarkand and Khotan, a trade route which existed until 1949, when the Chinese firmly closed the border. Nubra is situated at a high altitude cold desert with rare drizzle and slight scrub along the sides of the river. The Nubra Valley is populated by the NubraSkat speakers and most of them are Buddhists. In the western Ghat of Nubra Valley near the Line of control, the Indo-Pak border, along the Shyok River, the most populated are Balti of Gilgit-Baltistan, who speak Balti, and are Shia and Nurbakhshia Muslims.

The Nubra River runs through desert, but set like jewels on a necklace are the little oases of Tirit, Sumur, Tegar and Panamik. ‘Nubra’ means ‘green’, named for these fertile, well-cultivated oases. The valley is also said to have the best climate in the otherwise arid and stark region of Ladakh. The valley and its snowy peaks reflect beautifully in the cobalt blue waters, with the sky-blue dragon-flies and pied magpies thriving in its coolness