Ladakh holiydays - The gorgeous TsoMoriri Lake, situated 4,595m above sea level, is surrounded by mountains and fed by snowmelt and streams. The sapphire blue of its waters stunningly contrasts the barren mountains. In winter, TsoMoriri is a pool of stillness. The lake freezes, the migratory birds take off and many species go into hibernation. Summer brings life back to TsoMoriri, with the Changpa nomads, moving across the Changthang plains with their herds in rhythm with the seasons.

Ladakh Packages - As far as the eye can see, rough purple and grey mountains clad in snow and clouds, rise on all sides of the lake, protecting it, nurturing it. The TsoMoriri Lake is therefore also called the Mountain Lake. Tall, green barley dances in the cold mountain breeze forming the boundary line of the TsoMoriri Lake, separating it from the village of Korzok- nature from mankind. It is this separation, this isolation of the TsoMoriri Lake that bequeaths it beauty, true beauty of the unrelenting force of nature that is liberating and passionate. And in this beauty lies the soothing balm of the soul, the peace of the mind- the green, grey and blue of nature and life.