At 18,380 feet (or 5,602 meters) above sea level, Khardungla Pass is the highest motor-able road in the world. To put altitude in perspective for you, that's almost 13 times the height of the Empire State Building. It's a little less than the length of 115 football fields and is the equivalent to about 3.5 miles. It is also 780 feet higher than Everest Base Camp, Ladakh holidays.

A plethora of prayer flags festoons a flanking chaos of rocks and there's permanent glacial ice on the pass's north face. Local communities once prospered on an extraordinary trans-Himalayan trade which originated with the Silk Road. Comprising huge mountains, yawning valleys and vast uninhabited hinterlands, most of Ladakh’s boundaries may look almost impenetrable on a map. Yet for centuries great caravans of wool and cloth, opium, spices and skins, coral and turquoise, gold and indigo negotiated several routes and their hazardous passes mainly between Leh and Yarkand (in China)ladakh packages.